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A customised software can be of any process in a company. Whether its a company internal process or external, customised software can help reduce the labor work and make the process faster.
A customised application can be divide in two parts. Mobile application or Web application, which can impress your client or make internal process easier for employees.
Our team has developed a PCEYE software to keep track of your employee’s work in your absence. V10 mobile application an easy way to handle your important data smart way.

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Computer Activity Monitoring and Recording Software
PCEYE keeps track of your employee’s work on daily basis. It quietly sends an email to the owner with all the data of each employee work in pdf format. Easy to use and very effective when owner are busy expanding their business.

Mobile Application

Customised android or ios application for your business
Lakulish software offers customized mobile application to flourish your business with new technology. Our team can develop mobile application as per your requirement.


Handle your data smart way. Store your data on your server.
V10 is an android application which converts a business card photo into text and saves it in cloud, also it sends an email to the client. So that, client have your detail in their inbox. V10 helps you to download data from your email.

Web Application

Customized web application for your business processes
Customized web application offered by lakulish software helps your internal or external process run smoothly and effectively. It save times and can reduce production cost.

Lead Generator

Generate genuine lead for your products or services
LeadGenerator  generates lead as name suggest. It get the specific data of the each keyword in your city or state or country. It also, allows you to send sms and email and thus generate quality lead for your business


Customized software to bring smoothness in your business processes
Customized software helps you boost your internal or external business processes. It can also increase your revenue by reducing production cost.


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