PCEYE Software is India’s No.1 Computer Recording and Monitoring Software

PCEYE is the only software which allows you to record, monitor and control Employee computer activity. The only software that STOPS your employees from doing unwanted activities in office. It helps you to make your employees more productive. PCEYE records everything done in a PC/Laptop in multiple formats such as snapshots, images, HTML, PDF, audio, video, text, graphics etc.

PCEYE works 100 % confidentially. It starts working in background at start-up and without informing people working on computers. Even computer experts or hackers or maintenance people cannot trace this software.

Fully applicable to all businesses and industries of any size. Stop-control-manage your employees doing unethical, illegal, unwanted & personal activities in office.

Important Features of PCEYE

  • Record all activities of employees in form of snapshots (images) with timestamp and user name details.
  • Record websites visited, social media used, unwanted & unethical web material watched by employees
  • Record softwares, applications,  files or folders used or misused by employees.
  • Record all activities made using emails, chatting, search-engines entries in a clear formats
  • Record employees’ internal conversation, their speeches, conversation with customers etc in audio formats

Restrict employees from doing unnecessary internet related works
Restrict employees doing unethical system related works
Restrict employees visiting social websites, doing personal work, visiting unwanted portals, etc.
Restrict employees leaking valuable data, financial transactions, quotations and other business related information

Eliminate all type of illegal computer activities.
Eliminate any type of cyber crime from your office.
Eliminate all type of data leakages from your office.
Eliminate the possibilities of data theft and data corruption

Control employees visiting unethical or unwanted-useless websites.
Control employees watching websites/hacking/gambling/shopping; such other portals in office.
Allow employees visiting only required websites.
Control employees using certain hard disk drives/USB ports/Pen drives/CD-DVD drives & external drives


Best software to make my employees more productive. I find this software online and the sales help me in purchasing and install the software properly in my system. Also, the support is also to my expectation.
Dhruv Saberwal
North Delhi, India
PCEYE help me catch my employee who was working for someone else in office hours.
Rajiv Patel
Gujarat, India
It helped me catch my employees watching cricket match in office hours, particular when I am not in office.
Ashish M.
Gujarat, India
I liked the software as it provide extra security to my office and help me increase my employee productivity without telling them about anything.
Subro Banerjee
Kolkatta, India
Best software in the industry. Helps me go out of the office without worrying about the work in office.
Karnataka, India

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