An web application built on .net and ms sql. It has the enhanced feature in field of education, built in 2017 this web application was most advanced application. A student needs to register online. Once registration is completed student can view the daily classes notes, result and exam schedule. Also, the parents of the student gets informed regarding the exam schedule and score the student on their perspective mobile and email address. Student can download the notes or can take the print out. Even fees structure was made online, so that parents can pay via their cards or netbanking.

An web application build on .net and ms sql. Its an simple yet advanced application. User can recharge their mobile phone cards as well as they can recharge their international calling card. All the recharge are done online and top up is made available automatically. User can even share their balance with their friends, relatives or colleagues. Also, user can get point when they recharge their card and then they can reimburse those points against their another recharge. Referral scheme was also made available. Not only this, User can transfer their account or can add people to their account.

This is a unique and excellent application made in php, mysql and java. This application converts 500+ pages into PDF and allow user to make changes and then merge or split the pdf pages as required. Connected to the website user can download any product pdf. An admin has to uploaded the new changes to the existing pdf and all the brochures with affected pdfs in will be changed automatically. Also, the admin can give the page number to every pdf uploaded or changed, which helps admin to distinguish each pdf from the thumbnail. This application also create thumbnail from the pdf making admin to recognise the page easily. All this things are happening with just a single click. If you are thinking no big deal about this project then here is the thunder. The whole process is made in such a way that the application is running on local computer and it uploads the file to server automatically.

This is simple yet beautiful combination of engineering formulas and programming.  The engineering formula allows admin to get the product with all the client specific requirement. Same thing is constructed with programming, an users keeps on selecting the options and the final is product is delivered on the screen. Which makes very useful and friendly for user to place an order.

A simple web application where user can place an order. Once the order is placed an email is sent to user as well as admin to make sure its a right order. From this step onwards, email is sent to user of each action. At the end the products are ready to delivered, an payment email is sent.